Mission Statement

To create a space that values sustainable practices and wholistic lifestyles while helping individuals find their unique calling or talents that benefit their community as a whole.  Through a heart-based approach to working with horses we provide a safe, non-threatening environment for people to explore possibilities for improving skills needed to be confident, consensual leaders in their communities and empowered, loving members of their families.  Not only do we help people through the wisdom of the horse, but our goals include plans to create gardens, improve buildings and land management, providing a more pleasant, naturally balanced place for the animals, the land itself, and the people involved in it’s management to thrive.  Others who come to visit, are given opportunities to help, educate, or be educated, support and/or relax on the grounds, creating a space for community to gather, educate and feel at home.  Words to inspire our vision for the farm are sustainable, wholistic, profitable, and peaceful, giving back to the community through beauty and education.


May our Earth hold you gently in her arms,

May our Sun shine his warmth upon you,

May you feel the Love of Creation,

and know your place within it. 


Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

Private and Small group Workshops

No Horse Experience Necessary